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Insurance Discounts

The following is a list of possible discounts that may reduce your overall cost.**
This information is provided by M/C Motorcycle Insurance.

Policy Discounts:

AARP Members:
Senior motorcycle riders with AARP membership. can now get up to a 10% discount.

Anti-lock Brakes:
ABS equipped motorcycles - get up to a 4% discount.

Audible anti-theft alarm or LoJack anti-theft - A dated invoice/receipt required. Gets up to a 10% discount.

Rider Organization Member:
Applicant must be a member of one of the following type organizations for up to 10% discount: ABATE, AMA, BMWMOA, BRAG, CMA, CSA, GWRRA, GWTA, HOG, IRG, MGNOC, MSF, RAT, RSTAR, USCA VTS, WOW, WSA etc.

Rider Course:
Insured must have successfully completed a Motorcycle Safety Foundation riders course or other State certified rider course within the past 12 months or 3-5 years - Proof required - get up to 10% discount.

Rider Experience:
Insured must have two years riding experience prior to the effective date of coverage - get up to 10%.

Applies to all coverage on all cycles, get up to 30%.

Up to 20% discount will apply if the applicant has been continuously insured for 6 to 12 months.

Up to 10% discount will apply when the applicant can provide proof of home ownership.

Motorcycle License:
A 10% discount will apply when the applicant has a drivers license with a valid motorcycle endorsement.

3 Month Lay-A-Way:
No riding December, January & February - Only available in certain states.

5 Month Lay-A-Way:
No riding November 01 thru April 01 - Only available in certain states.

Paid in Full:
Up to 10% discount will apply when the policy is paid in full.

** Discount Percentages vary between insurance companies. Maximum discounts may apply.

 This information is offered for the benefit of anyone purchasing a motorcycle or renewing their motorcycle insurance. 

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Discount Summary

AARP Members
Anti-lock Brakes
Audible Alarm/LoJack
Motorcycle Associations/Organizations
Safety Course
Valid Motorcycle License
Lay-A-Way 3 or 5 Months Only available in certain states
Paid in Full
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